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 Copernic Desktop Search Corporate

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MesajKonu: Copernic Desktop Search Corporate   Cuma Şub. 11, 2011 10:29 am

Copernic Desktop Search Corporate | 21 MB

CDS Corporate is an enterprise-oriented desktop search solution that is
secure, scalable and easy to maintain and deploy. It allows employees to
instantaneously find files, emails, attachments and many other content
types stored anywhere on their computers. The Corporate edition differs
from the Home and Professional editions in that it is the only version
offering enterprise-oriented features to ease deployment, maintenance
and support for use throughout the organization.

* Eliminates the time wasted searching for lost files and important attachments
* Instantly organize your contracts, presentations, archived emails more efficiently
* Use GPO policies to easily deploy, configure, and maintain CDS across your entire organization
* Customize and/or limit indexing of local and network drives

letitbit.net Copernic.Desktop.Search.Corporate.v3.4.0.26.rar.html
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Copernic Desktop Search Corporate
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